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beenext is a Spin Off at the University of Turin (UNITO) born inside the UniTO's Department of Science and Drug Technology (DSTF). beenext was funded in the 2013 by three DSTF members with the purpose to move to the market both the Department research discoveries and the educational knowledge present in department.

beenext is based at the 2i3T, the Business Incubator and Technology Transfer Process at UNITO.

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beenext drug discovery: research and services.

As a M
edicinal Chemistry company, we are effective in each step of the early stages of the drug discovery research. We provide comprehensive R&D services in early drug discovery, from the in silico design throughout the in vitro pharmacological profiling as well as preliminary ADME properties. We have a wide experience in hit-to-lead and lead optimization processes. Because the presence of established collaborations with research groups at the Dept. of Science and Drug Technology of the University of Turin, we can access to state of the art computational technology, advanced organic synthesis infrastructures as well as to in-house in vitro / in vivo assays facilities.

The established experience in
Drug Delivery techniques (nanosponge, nanobubble, nanosphere, nanotubes, … ) present inside our board allows beenext to be effective also in resolving the pharmacokinetics problems of your designed compounds.

arachnoTM: introduce innovation in the synthetic process

Specific resources has been dedicated by
beenext to introduce innovation inside the chemist standard glassware. arachno,TM a beenext proprietary patented technology for parallel synthesis reached the marked in the 2015 falls. By allowing the contemporary conduction of up to six experiments through a friendly low cost technology, arachnoTM is able to accelerate the synthetic process being effective on the drug design synthetic bottleneck. arachno,TM designed in collaboration with DISA and distributed worldwide by FALC, in the spring 2016 won the awards at Pharmintech Awards 2016 (Bologna, Italy) for the most innovative product inside the pharmaceutical related fields.

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beenext educational solutions.

The product line named "
Fine Educational Solutions", proposed by beenext, is direct the high school level teachers of both Italian as well as European High School systems. With this offer, beenext aims to provide a support to the teaching staff in the development of experimental activities in the scientific topics.
The result of this afford is also directed for publication on top level peer review educational journals.

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Via G. Quarello, 15/a, 10100 - Torino (IT)

@ info@beenext.it

Phone +39 011 6707993 / 7827  
FAX +39 011 6707987  

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