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arachno: innovation in scientific glassware

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arachno(TM) is a revolutionary technology that will help you to overcome bottlenecks in the organic synthesis process. With arachno(TM) you can perform almost any type of experiment working in parallel. If you are a synthetic organic chemist involved in daily bench work you can use arachno(TM) in almost every moment of your research. Its application are:
- Organic Chemistry
- Medicinal Chemistry
- Drug Design

By introducing arachno(TM) in your lab you will:
- reduce the time-to-lead
- introduce efficiency in the synthetic  process
- save lab space
- reduce research costs 

don't find fault, find a remedy
Henry Ford


arachno is a perfect companion in your daily work able to add a powerful parallel attitude to your research. Designed for chemist by chemist, it is able to perfectly integrate itself inside your commune lab procedures. arachno does not need any specific training and is compatible with the standard glassware. The arachno is marketed from 10 to 20 less fold if compared to similar market solutions and will cost half the price of a comune stirring plate…..

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arachno: design a dream technology…..

During the development of arachno, we specifically focused on creating a breakthrough technology. Since the early steps, in order to reach this task, we always choose technological solutions that avoid any technical complexity as well as the use of expensive materials (Teflon, steel, …). This allowed us to reduce the costs (from 10 to 20 less fold the available market solutions) to the final customer. Because this reason, each chemist can easily access to this powerful technology.
o is a product that rise from the millenary Italian glassware tradition. Designed in collaboration with DISA, every single arachno is handmaded by a top rated Italian glassblower. Only these figures are able to maintain the high designing standards necessary to obtain the final result.
Firstly presented in the fall 2012 by
Marco L. Lolli at Italiax10, a meeting inside the inside the Salone della Scienza of Genova dedicated to the best 10 Italian makers, it reached the market two years later. Since the beginning of 2015 arachno is distributed worldwide by FALC. In the the spring 2016, arachno partecipate at Pharmintech Awards 2016 (Bologna, Italy) where it was awarded in the NEWCO category for the most innovative product inside the pharmaceutical related fields.

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arachno: do you what to know more?

You can get more information on the
arachno website (, where plenty of informations and tips are available.

Do you want start enjoying with a first
arachno? Just download its brochure in order to understand what is the best solution for you. When send a mail to our distributor FALC, asking for an offer/quotation. You will quickly get it…..

Do you have suggestion for new
arachno applications?
Do you have some ideas on unusual
arachno related design?
Please bother us!!!! Because arachno is an open technology, we are open to new ideas and applications…

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