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beenext: project consulting

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beenext can be always at your side supporting your innovation. We can support you with skilled individuals with strong scientific backgrounds and solid drug discovery experience both in academia and industry. Because the presence of European 7FP project winners we can guarantee a valuable professional point of view inside your funding opportunities.

beenext is effective in:
Support on both new project ideas as well as stuck existing projects
Support for EU H2020 submission roadmaps
Project management
Generation hit-to-lead processes
Risk analysis

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In beenext, prof. Franco Dosio is in charge of pharmaceutical technology studies in veterinary and human health projects.

Franco Dosio was born in Turin, Italy in 1958 and received the degree in Chemistry at Turin University in 1983 with first class honours. Immediately after, he began his research work at the Applied Pharmaceutical Chemistry Institute of the University of Torino (UniTO). Since 2000, as Associate Professor in Pharmaceutical Technology is carrying his research at the Dept. of Science and Drug Technology (DSTF) of UniTO.

Main research topic: delivery and the targeting of drugs or biologically active proteins as anticancer agents. In the period 1995-1997 he was a recipient of grants from Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro (AIRC) for the project entitled "Targeting of drugs using monoclonal antibodies and liposomes". During the late '90 started a study on the use of nanospheres or immuno-nanospheres as antitumoural agents. In the period 1996 - 2000 he was involved in clinical trials for the development of new formulation of the anticancer drug paclitaxel (both in injectable oily solution and in albumin nanoparticles - Abraxane) administered into hepatic artery for the treatment of hepatic cancer. These trials were performed in ITM and hospitals. In collaboration with the Istituto Tumori di Milano (ITM) he was involved in a study of targeting of toxins with monoclonal antibodies (immunotoxins). Later, with the ITM and the pharmaceutical company Menarini (Biosud Research) he participated in an IMI project on the development of new ITs of clinical relevance. Then he was involved in a research program on liposomes and immunoliposomes loaded with antitumoral drugs. In 2004 he was involved as Research partner in a project financed by Cystic Fibrosis Italian Society entitled "Dissection of folding/defolding processes in CFTR and deltaF508-CFTR cells. Use of disarmed toxins to target chaperones and assist refolding and expression of deltaF508-CFTR”. In 2006 he was involved, as a UdR Responsible in a financed national project entitled "Synthesis of polymers and formulation studies for the preparation of nanoparticles for drug delivery". Since 2011 he is collaborating with Université de Paris - Sud, Chatenay-Malabry contributing in the project 'squalene-based prodrug' awarded of European Inventor Award 2013 in the category Research.
At the present, being involved with many collaboration with pharmaceutical industries (
Bracco, RBM, UCB, GiPharma, GE-Sorin), he is in scientific advisory board of Oncomatryx Biopharma S.L.

Educational roles inside DSTF. Currently Director of DSTF Master course title: “Pharmaceutical technology and regulatory affairs”. Inside the teaching DSTF offer, he is coordinating Master Thesis and Stages on GxP e Quality assurance themes.

In the 2013, he cofound
beenext, where since then is involved in pharmaceutical technology studies in veterinary and human health projects.

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In beenext, dr. Marco L. Lolli is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with responsibility also of the Drug Design related projects as well as the SME involvement inside the design of innovative scientific glassware (arachno,™ project) fields.

Since his MD in Chemistry at the
University of Milan (Italy), Marco L. Lolli has been trained by several years of research in Medicinal Chemistry in some excellent laboratories both national (Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche "Mario Negri" Milano, Italy) and international (Tutor Donald T. Witiak;  College of Pharmacy, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA and at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Madison, WI, USA). Starting in 1990 his career in industrial SME world (Bracco S.p.a, Milano, Italy), where as senior scientist he covered the Team Leader position, in the 1996 he moved back to academia where he become Assistant Professor in Medicinal Chemistry, first at Faculty of Pharmacy of Novara (UniPO) then at the Dept. of Science and Drug Technologies (DSTF, UniTO). In recent years, he has been visiting scientist in important national and international academic institutions as University of Copenhagen (DK), University of Bradford (UK), University of Lund (S), The Scripps Institute (La Jolla, USA), University of Siena (IT), University of Pisa (IT), Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA) at La Paz (Bolivia), …

In the 2012 he cofund the DSTF's MEDSynth group (, where he follow his drug design research interests directed in the development of small molecules active on neglected diseases (Malaria, Leishmaniasis, ….) and cancer. In recent years, MEDSynth has been well funded inside both European (7FP-SME 2013 (TAKTIC project, from TrAnslational Kinase Tumour Inhibitor discovery Consortium, funded by EU with 1.149.000 Euro / 24 months)) as well as Italian (San Paolo 2014 (STRIGOTOOl project) and PRIN 2015 (MOOD project)) programs. In each of these occasions, Marco Lolli project role was the coordination of the Medicinal Chemistry unit supporting the Drug Design part. So far he supervised 3 PostDocs, 5 PhD students and 52 Master students.

In the falls
2013, as cofounder, he became CEO of beenext, born with the purpose to move that discovered/designed during the MEDsynth - DSTF academic experience into the Drug Design market.

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